Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some recent updates

I had to struggle for a week to take my wrecked car out of the police since there was a court case due to the death involved. Finally on last Saturday I towed it out and obtained the condemn report

My friend who drove the car ended up in remand prison for 5 nights and now out on bail. The court case is on.

Since I was not feeling so great I hanged out with my friends till late nights last week. Dining here and there and wasting time.

With this incident I realized the value of friends who was there for me in many ways

I was totally out of my routine for over a week and now things are getting back to normal.

Monday, October 08, 2007


I never thought that I have to put this blog post right after posting about my new car. Well as you can see its history now. Sadly on last Saturday the most unfortunate thing had happened and it got hit by a train at a suburb place to Colombo. Since I was out of town it was driven by one of my friend which ended up pretty bad. There were 5 passengers in the car and one lost his life proving the fatality of the crash and the immense force which the train brought upon the metal cage. The other 4 passengers were taken to hospital and 1 remains in a bit serious situation until now. The vehicle is condemned and still held by the police which will take some time to release.

When I heard the news I was stunned and took some time to actually realize the gravity of the situation the most tiresome steps which comes as aftermath of the split second mistake. There are so many things to do and many procedures to follow just to recover the loss of the vehicle but more than that the lost life and the ruined family pressure my mind than any thing. This situation is not some thing which I expected to happen in any way and now since it had there is a great deal of damage in every direction I look.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Whats more important ??

Things went from bad to worse last night. My cold turned in to fever and I suffered from night to morning. The temperature was going up and down time to time made me go almost insane. I couldn’t get up in the morning and I wished there were some one to prepare some hot cup of tea.

I managed to get up and went to Suleiman’s (its close by to where I live) and got some medicine. That place was screwed up for few reasons. There was no number system so the patients were sitting here and there. And there was no proper sign boards presented so it took me some time and help to find the OPD. Doc said that I’ll be ok in another 3-5 days and gave some weird looking huge orange color set of tablets.

I didn’t do much today. Didn’t call office even to say that I’m not coming, coz when I came to my senses it was already passed half day. Watched few Simpson’s episodes on DVD coz the fucking TV don’t have any shit except for poor quality music videos and age old Hindi movies at noon. Half an hour in front of the screen started to double to headache so I was sleeping most of the time. The fever came up time to time but after the medicine I think it’s controlled now.

Its really fucked up to be alone when you’re not well. I seriously felt like I wanted to go home some times. But I know this is how it is every time. When life start to suck all the things you achieved begin to collapse in front of you. There is nothing compared to good health ha.

Well its night again and things are coming to a still. I hope I can sleep well tonight.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Live to be good to others

Isnt this what you want others to be ?? Taken from a web source.

We live to be good people. Yet sometimes, I think we slip into just living, not even just living, but a sort of existing that includes going through the motions of eating, talking, working, sleeping, with no attention on what each moment of being is for us.

How do we live to be good people? What is required of us? Do we need to be superheroes? Heroes? Do we need to be Great Buddha’s? Jesus? Moses? The Prophet?

When we walk along the sidewalk, we notice an ant and step over the ant. When we notice there is no toilet paper on the roll, we replace the toilet paper. If someone is angry with us, we listen. If someone needs us, we are there. These are nothing really special, nothing extraordinary, yet so often we are so asleep that we step on the ant, leave the bathroom, blow off someone’s feelings, and turn on the TV. Modern life has many exits.

Attention to the world within us and without us: we are neither engaged nor disengaged. Whatever is there is there and we are with it 100%. Our body is upright; our mind is upright; our heart is open. Practice.

Rev. Harvey So Daiho Hilbert, Ph.D.
and http://360.y!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

6280 Migration

I got to write about this!! I changed my phone. I bought a 6280 last week. I was using a 6600 for some time now and thought its time to move on. And before writing this I used 6280 with its full set of features for about a week now. So here are a few little factors (Without technical specs) about it if you’re getting board of reading long reviews on Cnet!!!

Looks -Looks awesome. Not so small and not so big this makes it very handy.

Screen -Screen thin but tall than 6600 with boost of clarity. The contrast and the saturations are well balanced. Pitch resolution quality. (Impressive!!)

Key pad -Handy keypad on the top part. The slide out key pad has enough space too but some times a little confusion can come up with cancel and clear buttons since those two are aligned right in beside each other.

Camera -2 mp with white balance, zoom and flash. No autos focus option.

Reception -I use dialog and it’s pretty good. Some times the signals drop out in some place where my previous phone was not.

Speed -Not Symbian so it’s damn pretty fast. (I used Symbian before so I feel the speed baby)

3G -Works well.

And finally this is how it looks. Oh no don’t get confused that hand is not mine!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Audits and drivers.

Well I'am pretty board now. There was an audit meeting today morning and it went till 12 noon so I didnt get to do much of usual work.

Audits are good. It gives me a clear idea how my area is running and how my people are performing. Well I do have to evaluate them and give them promotions at the end of the year so I should know if they really up to the standard. Some guys hate audits but I dont. If there is some thing wrong its wrong. Who got it wrong is not the problem. It has to be solved. When there are problems and if some one is hating the audits I think they are equal to the Sri Lankan drivers. If you have exceeded the speed limit and why blame the cops for writing a ticket?? is'nt it funny?

Well let me share some fun that I saw in my email today.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The sweetest article I read this month!!!